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Mika de Bruijn

Project Manager & Co-founder | Design & Engineering Services

I have become acquainted with the work of Alec Momont through an open solicitation in his first year as an undergraduate. We granted him a summer internship to work alongside the design-engineering team at Materialise. During this period Alec demonstrated curiosity to learn and willingness to venture into unknown territory. He questions the standards and has demonstrated ability to simplify complex material into clear, concise and original design solutions.

Regardless of Alec’s young age, he already showed a very professional and result-driven mindset. His absolute strength however is in the balance between design innovation and technology, creating new and astonishing solutions.

A genuine design talent.

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Jim Lancaster

Vice President & General Manager Global Hips

Alec has managed to lead his team and transform an idea into a tangible and unique (patent) product concept. During this project he organised regular feedback presentations with me to align interests and to accomplish a fast turnaround of the idea refinements which resulted in a diversity of the final results, such as programming, user interface, product prototype, user research and product optimisation.

Alec brings a level of professionalism into his work by making use of prototyping quality and iterative use of mockups to test feasibility.

So it is with great appreciation and respect that I offer my full recommendation of Alec Momont and have complete confidence that he will be an important and reliable asset to any team he joins.

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Guy van Wijmeersch

Strategic Design Director Barco

Alec worked for Barco Strategic Marketing as an intern around a control room of the future concept. In this project of 8 weeks he was reporting directly to me about project results and insights. It was clear that he is capable of running within a complex organisation such as Barco, all while completing a difficult and challenging project.

He was capable of presenting the conclusions of his project in the form of a concept that was very comprehensive and unique it is presentation. His knowledge and eagerness to learn triggered new insights in our workshops with industry professionals. He was capable of running with the team and add value in the conversation.

As such, I can recommend Alec to anyone who is looking for a creative design professional that can work in an independent way within any technology company. 

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