The BioCoach is a medical grade wearable that optimises rehabilitation after surgery. The patented technology distinguishes between over 50 different exercises that you do, but also how well you do them and the pain level. Through weekly meetings with your physician this data is used as a discussion point to track & optimise your progress. The system correlates progress of different patients with the effectiveness of exercises.

With Drones For Good I set out to change the negative perception of drones. The idea has been very warmly welcomed all over the world and reached over 200 million people. One of the concepts that embodies this idea is the "Ambulance Drone" - a high speed emergency network of drones that save lives. 

For the startup company Exo Ligament  I have been working as a CAD engineer to deliver these personalised ankle braces. Because of the diversity in size and shapes of ankles, these are designed straight on top of a 3D scan. The result is a perfect fit for the user, providing great stability. The process involved both Rhinoceros, SolidWorks and Artec which allowed for an optimised workflow in order to achieve fast turn-over and deliverable times for the customer. The final CAD file is 3D printed and finished with inserted components.